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Certified Web Development Specialist

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Certified Web Development Specialist
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Certified Web Development Specialist in Bangladesh

Course Outline

Web Design (HTML,CSS, JS)

 Practicing the Basics of HTML and HTML Pages

Comments, Starting HTML Page, Head, Style, Script, Body

Meta Tag, Meta Attributes, Keywords, Description, Author, Page Refresh

 Paragraph, Heading, Division, Section, Article

Header, Footer, Main, Aside

Span, Cite, Address, Abbreviation, Details, Summary

 Bold, Underline, Italic, Small, Strong, Subscript, Superscript

Delete, Mark, Code, Block Quote, Quotation

Practicing Advanced HTML and Basic HTML5

Font, Font Size, Font Color, Font Face

HTML Entities – Registered Trademark, Copyright, Euro, Space, Cent, Pound

Symbol – Summation, Elements Of, Not Elements Of, Empty, Differential Sign

URL Anchor, Mail Anchor, Call Anchor, Target

Navigation Tag, Purpose of Navigation Tag

Image, Image Source, Alternate Attribute, Height and Width, Title

Description List, Define Terms, Define Details, Ordered List, Unordered List, List Item

Practicing More HTML5 and Designing Pages

 iFrame, iFrame Target, Sandbox Attribute, Load iFrame on Click

Audio, Video, Source, Media Type, Preload, Stream YouTube Video using iFrame

Base URL, Bidirectional Override, Preformatted Text, Data List,

Level, Result, Access Key, Editable Attribute, Downloadable Product

Table, Table Row, Table Data, Table Head, Table Body, Table Foot, Style Attribute, Border

HTML Form, Input Types, Get and Post Method, Button Tag, Button Attributes

Designing Website Layout using HTML

CSS and CSS3

Practicing Basic CSS Codes

 How to and Where to CSS code, Comments in CSS, Converting Style Attribute to CSS

ID Selector, Class Selector, Child Class, Grouping Selector, Multi Stylesheet, Link Stylesheet

Background Image, Background Repeat, Background Position, Background Color

Padding, Margin, List, Font, Link, and Table using CSS

 CSS Combinators – Child Selector, Descendent Selector, Adjacent Selector; Target Selector

Dimension, Media Screen, Responsive Design

Cursor, Custom Font (from External and Internal Source)

Designing with Advanced CSS and Basic CSS3

Border in CSS, Box Shadow, Opacity, Horizontal Alignment, Background Image Handling

White Space, Float, Clear Tag, Columns, Visibility, Animation, Animation Moves

Table in CSS, Position in CSS

An example Dropdown Menu using CSS

Outline, Menu Example 1 and 2, CSS for Print Screen, Transform, Border-box Designing Button using CSS

Designing more Advanced with CSS3

Designing Search Box and Text Fields using CSS3, Border Image, Background Image, Background Color, Gradient, Text Shadow, Word Break, Rotate, Rotate X, Rotate Y, Content Position, Counter, Transform, Animation, Button in CSS3, Columns, Filter Designing Layout using CSS, Understanding the Concept of Template and Theme.


Writing JavaScript Code, Comments, Simple Variable, Variable Types

 JS Operators, Simple Function, Parameter, Arguments, If Else Statement, Handling Multiple Condition, Conditional Operators, Get Element By ID, Get Element By Tag Name, Get Element By Class, Switch Case, For Loop, EVAL Function

Advanced JavaScript, ParseInt, ParseFloat, ParseString, This Element

Class and Object, Advanced Class and Object, Handling String, Handling Number Handling Math, Handling Math

Handling Array.

Examples on JavaScript

 Example – Form Validation, Advanced Form Validation, JSON Format, Auto Select, Confirm Function, Image Slider, Popup Page

Example - Printing Option Creation, Random URL, Blur, Creating Dynamic Dropdown Menu.

Basic PHP

What is Server-Side Scripting?

Introduction to PHP

Open Source Technology + Using AMP (Apache, MySQL, PHP) Software

PHP-Syntax, Variables , Types, Constants, Operators

Control Structures (if , else , elseif , while , do-while

for , foreach ,break ,continue , switch ,declare

return ,require ,include ,require_once ,include_once)

Functions(User-defined functions, Function arguments

Returning values , Variable functions )

String Manipulation, Arrays and array Functions

My SQL database

Introduction to Databases and MySQL Database

Introduction to PhpMyAdmin

Database Administration using PhpMyAdmin

Making Database using PHP, Making Table using  PHP

MySQL Data Types, MySQL Synax Orders

InsertData to MySQL database using PHP Functions

Display Data from MySQL database using PHP; Functions;

Update data to MySQL using PHP function;

Delete data from MySQL using PHP function;

Basic Object Oriented Programming Concepts, Solid introduction to the C# programming language. One can learn the fundamentals of C# through lessons using the Microsoft .NET framework. The course will introduce students to some of the common features within Microsoft Visual Studio. Some of the outlines are as below:

Primary and Complex Types, Classes, Members, and Properties

Arrays and Collections , Handling Errors

Some of the advanced features and common practices using C#. C# is extremely readable, maintainable, and extremely powerful when the developer takes advantage of everything the language has to offer. Some of the concepts covered in this course include:

Interfaces, generics, extension methods, Tracing, Security Caching LINQ, events, delegates, and Lambdas, asynchronous programming

Entity Framework from designing models, writing data access code and integrating Entity Framework into your software solutions. Topics include:

Getting to know Visual Studio 2012, Overview of the entity framework model first modeling, Code first modeling

Interacting with your data model, Using EF in your solutions


Laravel-5 Installation, Initial Setup

Your First View and Route, View Data and Blade

Routing to Controllers, Layout Files

How to Manage Your CSS and JS, Fetching Data

Defining Relationships With Eloquent, Forms

Updating Records and Eager Loading, Validation and More

Authenticate Your Users, Understanding Middleware

Flashing to the Session, Automatic Resolution and the Service Container, Bootstrapping With Service Providers

Project Work

Customer requirements analysis and communication with all the stakeholders, how to select technology etc.

Introduce with OOD, Design patterns as required and different UML diagrams. Like- Class diagram, Object diagram, Sequence diagram

Process flow, Activity diagram etc.

Database schema design; introduce DB objects and using areas with how and why etc.

Create project with layered and tired technologies, unit testing and integration with version control system through bit bucket.

Quality assurance and software testing process and how from developers point of view.

Bug life cycle and project deployment with maintenance etc.

Search Engine Optimizations (SEO)

Soft Skill

Communication Skills & Corporate Etiquette

Communication Skills, Corporate Etiquette

ICT Knowledge & Social Media

ICT Knowledge, Social Media

Interview Skills

Interview Skills, Self Development, Self Development 

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